Auctioning Entire Online Business!!!


Established Websites and Domain Names Portfolio.


Examples of running websites: (Consumer Review Site with xxx’xxx product pages), (fun site showing pictures of people, animals and things in pathetic situations), (Multi Tier Affiliate Opportunity Directory with Affiliate Blog (listens to, many more below…


Examples of domain names:, (Kiefer Sutherland in Fox Series “24”),, (upcoming goldmine!), (suitable for controversial forum site or picture collection), (new industry for GPS tracking of individuals for children and kidnapping victims), (Google Earth kicked it off, next big thing: live feeds from satellites!), many more below…


“I am outta here...”


Dear Bidders,


Running an online business on the side while having a career and a family can be rewarding in many ways but exhausting at times as well. Climbing the ladder of success in my daytime job I lost focus on the online business.


The websites and domains in this package were supposed to shape up as a huge network of sites and domains to trade (many one-pagers developed for the domains in the mentioned packages). Unfortunately my capacity for development decreased gradually and is down to zero now, concentrating on my day time job exclusively.


For anyone who runs an online business already and finds capacity to add on and/or sell-off in parts or for starters, this package is a real value added because it makes money already (see below numbers by the sites) and has already established page ranks through interlinking with both the established websites and the domains (partly one-pagers, partly domain parked).


With this package you will have users the first second after handover, and you can further interconnect, even to your existing sites, thus increasing strength of your existing portfolio.


Due to time constraints I can not provide any additional statistics or indications to the ones given below. It is “sold as seen” and the transaction needs to proceed as of the terms described as I do not have any time to support a lengthy transition or administration.


Thanks for bidding, I will start working with you immediately after auction close but please provide some patience (I am traveling internationally quite heavily these days) and speed on your part so the transaction will run smoothly. Thank you!


Established Websites included in this auction: (Exp. 30.11.06) - Consumer Review Site with xxx’xxx product pages. Runs on ASP.NET script (you'll need Microsoft Server incl. ASP.NET installation). Easy to use controls as an administrative interface to add categories etc. The script pulls ALL products in (24 hours cycle, adjustable), using your AWS account and developers key (available at Amazon's associate's program for free). Additionally you can sign-up with all international Amazon programs and earn money internationally. I make 200 Euros per month with all Amazon's together. Plus other revenues with banners and ad codes (Adsense stats below).
 (Exp. 15.1.07) - New Consumer Review Site with xxx’xxx product pages (static version of, see above). (10.11.06) - New fun site showing pictures of people, animals and things in pathetic situations. Great potential for blogs, forums. Part of Pathetic Package: (23.11.06) - New site, examples of horrible websites


Other active Pathetic type sites: (16.11.06) - Featuring strange stories. (16.11.06) - Umbrella site for all pathetic themes.

...more pathetic domains, considered to develop and interlink to build a strong suite of related websites dealing with "pathetic topics": (12.4.07) - Get the idea? (16.12.06) - Former stars who lost it, always intersting gossip concept! (16.11.06) - Stupid, useless collections. Have people voting or sending in. (12.4.07) - Perfect for community. (16.11.06) - Dito. (12.4.07) - There are millions of useless innovations out there! (16.11.06) - Self-runner, once established low maintenance. (16.11.06) - Forum. (16.12.06) - Stars who suck! (7.2.07) - Same as photos but with videos. (Exp. 5.7.06) Multi Tier Affiliate Opportunity Directory with Affiliate Blog (listens to, Exp. 11.8.06)




Those Domains run on a one page website, Adsense revenue (if any) indicated behind package name...
Domain Exipiration
Fox Series 24 Package - Adsense Jan-Mid May $63 28.7.06 28.7.06 28.7.06 28.7.06
For all 24 and Kiefer Sutherland fans. Ideal for forums and merchandise.


Robotics Package - Adsense not measured... 13.7.06 13.7.06 13.7.06 13.7.06 13.7.06 18.10.06 18.10.06 18.10.06 11.4.07 13.7.06 18.10.06 18.10.06 13.7.06 13.7.06
Robots have already started to work for us. You don't need much imagination to realize how much robots will impact our future.


Multi-Dimensional Movies Package - Adsense Jan-Mid May $14 13.9.06 13.9.06 21.1.07 21.1.07 21.1.07 21.1.07 21.1.07 21.1.07
It'll come!


Controversial Package 12.4.07 4.7.06 4.7.06 23.11.06 23.11.06 4.12.06 20.2.07 20.12.06 20.12.06 12.4.07
Controversy sells! Great potential for interactive sites.


Penis Enlargement Package 5.7.06 5.7.06
English and German version of content related to manual penis enlargement exercise  practices.


Human Tracking Package 5.7.06 5.7.06 5.7.06 5.7.06 12.7.06 12.7.06 5.7.06
GPS and other tracing means can save lives! Upcoming HUGE industry for child safety and kidnapping counter measures.


Adult Package 21.7.06 21.7.06 21.7.06 21.7.06 20.2.07 20.2.07 3.2.07 22.2.07
Sex and porn sells like crazy. Especially locally where people not just look for porn sites but real adult services around the corner. Erotic software is one of the next big things as technology advances, so don't miss out on that one...


Jack Carter Package 6.2.07 6.2.07  6.2.07 6.2.07
Invaluable IF Jack Carter runs for another post, maybe even president some day?! The son of Jimmy Carter will continue his successful political career anyway, so why wait for his presidency?


Direct Satellite Feed Package 28.6.06 28.6.06
Google Earth (Keyhole) started it all. It's just a matter of time that we all request (and receive) live satellite feeds.


Toys Manuals Package 12.11.06 12.11.06 12.11.06
Ever looked for an older manual for Legos or any other toy to re-assemble? More and more consumers turn to the Internet for missplaced manuals and assembly guides. Combine with new product sales and/or instructions for similar products.


Triple Play Package 20.11.06 20.11.06 20.11.06 20.11.06 20.11.06 20.11.06
Triple play (Internet, TV, Media) in one device/service is coming VERY fast! Here is your chance!


"Weirdest" Package 12.4.07 12.4.07 12.4.07 12.4.07 12.4.07 12.4.07 12.4.07 12.4.07 12.4.07 12.4.07
Controversy and strange stuff runs extremely well on the web! This package could carry huge user groups and blogs, forums and material sent in by users. Huge success potential.


New Intel Viiv Chipset Processor Package 5.1.07 5.1.07 5.1.07 5.1.07 5.1.07 5.1.07 5.1.07 5.1.07
Next generation Intell processors - HUGE market!!! Compare to successful existing processors coverage on the web.


New Nintendo Wii Package 27.4.07 27.4.07 27.4.07 27.4.07 27.4.07 27.4.07 27.4.07 27.4.07 27.4.07
Next generation Nintendo will be called Wii, this news just released, this will be a HUGE market!!! Compare to successful existing game console brands on the web.


Other great domain names: 13.9.06 4.7.06 28.6.06 5.7.06 15.1.07 19.12.06 5.7.06 15.2.07 15.2.07 18.10.06 11.7.06 5.7.06 5.7.06 12.4.07 12.4.07 18.1.06 5.7.06 9.5.07 15.11.06 17.9.06 20.2.07 5.7.06 15.4.07 15.4.07 5.7.06 15.4.07


Transition Terms

All domains are registered with a registrar that is not capably of pushing the domains to you. Only way of obtaining will be to unlock the domains (which I will do the second the funds arrive) and thus ACK the domains with my registrar. Your registrar has to require them from mine then which will take around 5-7- business days.


For the existing sites I will open a FTP socket at my server to download, one-by-one.


If interested in this sale, bid at intret @ (remove spaces)...