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Photo, Photo Art, Poster Two Tier Affiliate Partnerships to chose from.

   Sell posters on your site, operate your own online poster store!
Program Type: Two-Tier Affiliate Program
Multi-Tier Affiliate Commission: 30% 1st level affiliate marketing program,PLUS: for each Website you recruit, you will earn: $3.00 when they make their 1st sale; $5.00 when they make their 2nd sale; PLUS: 5% of every sale they make for life.
Payment Methods: Check, Direct Deposit (US only)
Products, Services: Major poster outlet with valuable tools for affiliate partners. Many link and ad types to chose from, dynamic poster store front and poster thumbnail snippets with dynamic or static html code.
   Signup Link: Click here and follow instructions to join this multi tier affiliate program at the merchant's affiliate program site.

Original Multi Tier Affiliate Program Description by Affiliate Program Merchant:
"Work with one of the Internet's most trusted partners! Link to over 100,000 products, earn up to a 30% commission with 10 cookie/return days on all products, and get paid monthly. Webmasters join now and earn money with your Website.
The Affiliates Program is FREE and Easy:
1. Place Links on your Website to us.
2. Visitors Click from your Website to our site and make a purchase.
3. You earn up to a 30% commission on all sales.
4. Earn commission for up to 10 return days for all visitors."

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