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Affiliate Web Site Traffic Increase Primer. "Know to Grow!" Newsletter: Increase Your Web Site Traffic.

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Your affiliate site needs traffic, more traffic and even more traffic or it won't make you any money. Commission money will motivate you, pay for site costs and investments. Here is how to increase traffic effectively, quickly and inexpensively.

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Affiliate programs pay commission for users acting on the click-through. Now, you will need those visitors to pour in and return on a regular basis so you can further grow your site and add even more multi tier affiliate links to profit from. Read below a couple of industry proven tips to achieve just that: increase your web site traffic.

Executive Summary

Get More Exposure for Your Site

Make your site "indispensable" or controversial.

Make sure to have some research done prior to even putting the first word of content together. You will find the majority of competing and similar sites being incredibly superficial, dried up and boring. Don't make that same mistake, you want your users to like your site and return because they can extract some value for themselves - with every single visit.

Cross link within your site wherever it makes sense for natural reading, studying of your content.

Use focal points for actual offers, new content and interactive elements such as forums and awards.

Maintain a consistent type of snappy language that fits your sites theme and topic area.
Swap traffic, customers and information, not just useless links. By swapping topic relevant articles for example you could refer your users to someone who helps you out with fresh content.

Swap e-zine thank you page offers. Swap *home page* recommended website links.

Swap homepage thank-you links or testimonial links - immediate results.

Super-fast results.

Absolutely no cost.

"How to Get Massive Exposure for Your Site at Low to No Cost"

By Harmony Major

As much as I hate to use "marketing language," using these four simple tactics will "light your traffic on fire" ... immediately. I guarantee it. And even better for you, each one of them can be used at absolutely no cost whatsoever.
To get massive exposure and VERY high visibility for your site at low to zero cost, you can:

1. Make your site "indispensable" or controversial.

Having a site that offers something unique and USEFUL will cause people to refer their friends to it just because you filled a need for them.

You won't even have to ask.

Don't fall into the all too common trap of creating a site that offers the same little dried-up articles, free e-books, and stuff as every other site in your niche. *BE DIFFERENT.*

For instance, you could host a free, detailed e-course on your site -- as good or better than any PAID e-book in your target market -- in which you give people a twice weekly "lesson", have them answer some questions based on the lesson, then go over the answers and help your "students" in their understanding, if necessary.

Then you could guarantee the results, where registrants get a free 15-minute brainstorming session with you on how to make the techniques you taught in your course work for them, if they weren't able to make it happen on their own.

TIP: Be sure to make people REGISTER to participate in the course, so you can collect their names and e- mail addresses for later follow-up.

You could also make a part of your site controversial, by posting some content that you know will get people riled up ... in a good way.

Write a long article on your underrepresented, but strongly supported, views on customer service. Create a forum just for members to blow the whistle on what they feel are shoddy products, dishonest companies, and scams. Create a section of your site where you post glowing *AND terrible* reviews on products in your industry.

Whatever you decide, it should bring more visitors to your site out of curiosity strictly from word of mouth, without you having to lift a finger.

TIP: Remember to draw people further in, by posting lots of enticing links to the OTHER areas of your site. And have a way to collect their e-mail address so you can keep yourself in their face later.

2. Get *the RIGHT KINDS* of top rankings in search engines.

Yes, everybody tells you that a top (10) ranking in a major search engine or searchable directory is worth its weight in gold ... and they're right.

Kind of.

TIP 1: A top 10 ranking in a search engine won't do diddlysquat for your traffic and sales if nobody is SEARCHING for that term.

TIP 2: A top 10 ranking in a search engine won't do diddlysquat for your traffic and sales if that term isn't FITTING to what your site ACTUALLY OFFERS. (If you snag a #1 ranking for "celery sticks", but your site offers carrots, your traffic will be wasted and your sales will likely be zilch.)

So be sure your rankings are for targeted, *specific* terms that people are actually searching for, and that are highly relevant to what your site REALLY offers.

3. Get credibility and exposure, all in one...

... by writing and submitting your articles all over the place. The more people who see your name floating around in your niche, the more people who trust you as a knowledgeable expert in your field, and the more people who'll *seek you out* when they're looking for a "top dawg" to help solve their problems.

For more tips on this particular topic, read the article "How to Be Perceived As A *Field Expert* in 7 Simple Steps", at:

4. Use inventive "guerilla link swapping" tactics.

What do I mean by "guerrilla?" Going against the grain, not using what the law terms as "regular" tactics. Being unique and irregular.


Swap *traffic* -- not links.

Swap *customers* -- not links!

Don't bury each other's links in a directory, or on a page with a zillion others. That might be okay for search engine rankings in the long term, but ... you want traffic right NOW, right?

Swap ezine thank you page offers. Swap signature P.S. links. Swap *home page* recommended website links.

And get results FAST.

When I swapped home page links, for instance, I started getting dozens more visitors to my site *immediately* ... the very same day the site owner posted my link.

It's all about being creative. Think of two areas of your business through which you get a lot of exposure (certain Web pages, your sig file, your forum, your product download page, etc.), and get to swappin'.


The above four traffic generation tactics are instantaneous, super-easy, and *don't* have to cost you a dime. And if you set your mind to it, you could set at least ONE of them up by the end of the day, and be getting hundreds more visitors to your site by this time NEXT WEEK.

There's absolutely *NO REASON* -- or excuse -- for why you can't or shouldn't be doing this.

Super-fast results.

Absolutely no cost.

Highly effective -- IMMEDIATELY.

Better pick one and get it started.

Text Version of this Newsletter here...
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